Credit Card Services

Credit Card and Merchant Services

So many credit card companies. But Higher Standards Unlimited Merchant Services is more than a name. It is a commitment to provide our clients with the most innovative technologies, services, and support in the industry. We offer no empty promises. Just the superb service you should expect from a world class Merchant Services company. What makes us a different kind of credit card processing company?

  • Low price guarantee. Most of our clients save 30-50% or their credit card processing fees. If we cannot beat what you have, we will give you $1,000.
  • “Cost plus” billing. We do not penalize businesses because they are new or have low credit card sales. You only pay the actual use of the transaction plus a very small fee.
  • No confusing statement or hidden fees.
  • No long term contracts. Month to month.
  • Next Day Funding for most merchants. Get your money by the next day.
  • Superb service from local representatives, 24/7 phone customer service people, and 24/7 online technicians.
  • Outstanding equipment to process credit cards. Most units are FREE, such as card swipers and machines to process credit, debit, and EBT cards.
  • Your Company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau  and has earned an A+ ranking.

Cutting Edge Equipment

Efficient equipment makes your business run smoothly. No one wants to stand in line to pay. We offer the gamut of devices to process credit cards. From smartphone and tablet “swipers” to sophisticated POS systems used by national restaurant chains. As representatives for several suppliers, we have the right device and solution any enterprise. That is because we are more than salespeople. We are business consultants. We help clients find the best fit for their unique business. “One size fits all” is a myth. We offer many, many options for credit card processing equipment and software. Let us guide you to find the best solutions for the business and situation you are in.

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Gift cards save shipping and let people choose what they want.

Gift Cards

It is great to have fast, easy to use equipment.
YOUR COMPANY also offers a variety of ways to increase business as well. In this age of high shipping costs, Gift Cards enjoy great popularity. Nearly anything sold can be given as a gift card—from toys to tulips to golf lessons to vacations. Your best clients and customers know people that would just love your business. And they would like to introduce them to you! Givers love this because it takes away the uncertainty of whether the recipient will like the gift. Gift receivers love Gift Cards too, because they get to pick out what they want. No one has to exchange a wrong size or color.
We can also create a loyalty program designed to make customers visit and buy more often! Ask us how.

HSU: Lowest costs. Cutting-edge equipment. Reliable service.
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