Credit Card Equipment and POS

Credit Card Equipment–


YOUR COMPANY HERE believes that if we offer a service, we need to provide the credit card equipment to use the service. And, unlike other credit card processing companies, we want to give you credit card equipment for free! YOUR COMPANY HERE through  and others, will help you analyze the way you work, collect money, and offer the right system for you. These are high quality credit card terminal and POS (point of sale) units. Easy to use, fast processing speeds, and completely compliant with today’s fraud protection standards.

In addition, YOUR COMPANY HERE trains clients on how to use the hardware, software, and online support systems. After all, when you are busy dealing with customers everything else needs to run smoothly. YOUR COMPANY HERE also provides receipt rolls for most of the machines. One less thing for you to think about.

phone-card-reader-credit card equipment

Credit Card “Swiper” for Smartphones and Tablet Computers

Obviously you cannot carry bulky credit card equipment out on sales calls. A card swiper attached to your phone is the solution when you selling out in the field. When the client says “Yes,” you need to make the transaction then. This attractive unit fits easy into a purse or pocket (may require protection). Turn your phone into a “cash register”!  If you use a tablet computer for sales presentations, attach this to close the deal! The best place to make a sale is where you are standing now.

The XXXXXX is always ready to take payments.  The software is a free app  that covers the main points of the sale. The buyer can signs with a finger or stylus. Online record keeping makes it easy to keep track of credit card sales from your phone. You can even add products to your online store. Process (or void) transactions, issue refunds, and collect tips. Receipts are instantly emailed to the recipient.


veriphone 520-copy

Standard Credit Card Terminal

The XXXXXX makes the perfect counter unit. It takes up very little counter space and is light enough to lift. Because it is connected to a data line (or phone line), transfer speeds are faster than wireless. Bright display, simple input buttons. Card swiper and EMV front slot for added fraud protection.


VX680 credit card equipment-credit card machine-wireless

Full-size Wireless Terminal

If you need a full size terminal but cannot be tethered to a wall, the XXXXXX wireless model was designed for you. With a slim design and no wires, it is perfect for sales made at food trucks, tradeshows, farmers markets, and other venues. Small, elegant, and powerful. Uses 3G wireless technology and EVM compliant to prevent fraud.

The XXXXXX also uses XXXXXXX software. Take payments anywhere!  Easy online record keeping. Process sales transactions, void transactions, issue refunds, and collect tips from anywhere. Receipts are instantly emailed to the recipient. The XXXXXX is the perfect piece of credit card equipment when you are selling from a table, kiosk, or other site.



Point of Sale (POS)

POS credit card terminals provide more functionality than smaller units. Large touch screens display easy to understand icons or titles of sale items. Fast food chains, restaurants, bars, etc. find that these also make employee training easier. In busy venues, the ability to “write up” up an order quickly is a great advantage. Custom receipts show items bought and any message you want to express (sales, events, Thank You, etc.). For busy restaurants, a POS System is the credit card equipment you need.

Retail_POS_System2-4300x200-credit card equipment

Counter POS System with Hand-held PIN Entry Device

Higher Standards Unlimited offers so many POS models–one just right for your company. Secure cash drawers, tape printers, eye-level transaction display for your customer, and hand-held PIN entry device. Talk to an YOUR COMPANY HERE consultant to decide which unit best suits you. With all of the different options of credit card equipment and services, YOUR COMPANY HERE will save you time and help increase sales.



RiO-pos system-300x300-creditt-card-equipment


The XXXXXX POS System has everything a deli, coffee shop, or other high traffic food provider could ask. Elegant styling, and innovative design features make the XXXXXX a very popular choice. You or an employee simple taps the touch pad menu to write up the sale; rock the IPad back for the customer to sign. Simple to use because the robust technology inside works so hard for you. Also works for smaller retail shops. Some consider XXXXXX the most versatile and stylish piece of credit card equipment available.

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