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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the best way to create new customers today. It promotes loyalty in current customers to return often. XXXXXX digital marketing serviced by YOUR COMPANY HERE is a complete digital marketing solution to increase brand loyalty, market share, and sales. It includes

  • Loyalty Programs to keep the best customers returning and promoting you to their friends
  • Unlimited marketing messages delivered via email, social media, and smartphone notifications
  • Online Reputation Control
  • Analytics to show what’s working best to keep you growing in the right direction

Affordable Marketing

As a businessperson, you spend your time and money wisely. Spot On tools are easy to use and affordable. Design a banner ad, analyze past performance, or create a reward card program from the Spot On tool box. Most businesses spend only minutes a week. The cost of the programs range from less than $100 a month for 10,000 clients down to free (up to 100 customers). Contact YOUR COMPANY HERE to find the solution best fitted for your business. Or just try it out.  This website and url for sale –call Richard at 915-238-8482.

It’s a Digital World

We are constantly online… Checking emails, twitter feeds, and Facebook pages. We like to know what’s going on. Our digital marketing solutions deliver messages tailored to each individual. Teens and young adults live by their phones. The app delivers an alert or banner notification from you. When offering a coupon or special, you can limited it by time, date, or “first 25 to respond”. This increases business during “off hours” and slow days. Using “push marketing“, you can impact your audience immediately. The marketing messages can also be delivered by email and social medias like Twitter and Facebook.
Set up campaigns once and they can run automatically. This is great, because all the extra customers will take up more time. With the easy to use interface, you can create and modify offers in just a few minutes a week.

Getting Customers to “Opt In”

Your restaurant or store can offer a small reward to get an email address or text number. (Rewards come via this address/phone number so you cannot be scammed.) At that time you gain permission to send periodic information about sales, events, and specials. Loyalty can also be built as you offer information that benefits the customer though not aimed at selling. A good example is a ski shop that publishes timely snow reports, or an Irish pub reporting on St. Patrick’s Day events.

Reputation Management

93% of online visitors read the experiences of other diners and shoppers before visiting a location. Make sure that you are aware of what reviewers are writing about you. Spot On gathers the information for you in one place, so you can manage reviews. Dispute that review through the interface. (Let’s face it, there are trolls out there that give bad reviews even after a five star experience.)

Keeping Track of What’s Working

Spot On digital marketing includes advanced analytics. It allows you to understand which campaign or promotion is working and why. No wasted time or lost revenues on guessing. If a message is bringing them in, fantastic! If not, you can change it to something to something that will immediately. A 1939 World’s Fair entrepreneur couldn’t sell his waffles on a hot day. He rolled them into a cone and filled them with ice cream. He invented a new treat and made a tidy sum. Digital marketing allows you to change the message in minutes and benefit from better results.

Join the Thousands of Spot On Clients that are Increasing their Business Every Day

XXXXXX has many very successful clients benefiting from our service.  The list includes Exxon Mobil, Subway, Anytime Fitness, Papa Murphy’s, and Chick-fil-a .

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