Business Loans up to $250,000

Higher Standards Unlimited works with a variety of lenders to help businesses get the financing help they need. Let us walk you through the process and find the best program for your business.

  • Term Loans with 18-24 month repayment periods.
  • Cash Advances.
  • Daily Advances.
  • No personal guaranty.
  • Easy automatic weekly payments.
  • Right-sized funding keeps debt and payments low.
  • Competitive rates.
loans for business

Loans to expand, remodel, pay taxes, buy equipment and more.

Loans to Grow On

Is lack of funds holding you back? Are you missing a once in a lifetime opportunity due to lack of capital? Talk to a HSU consultant regarding a loan to expand the business. Long-term loans (18-24 months) are available for expansion–new equipment, vehicles, more inventory, a new location, etc.. We want business to grow for you. When banks and other options say “No”, we will find a lender to say “Yes!” We want to be a trusted resource.

Money for Working Capital

hundred dollar bills to loan

Money for any business purpose.

Lenders represented by HSU also provide money for working capital. Day to day operations during slower times. Taxes. Additional expenses for added employees during a major event. These short-term loans (7-17 months) are deducted automatically (same amount each payment) on a daily basis. No fees or penalties if you get too busy or forget. We also can provide lines of credit.

How does it work?

Call HSU to find out how much you qualify for and the best terms available for your business. An HSU consultant can give you a very rough idea over the phone, but it is always best to meet together. Because every business is unique, HSU want to be sure to get you the best loan and terms for you.
Funding can occur quickly, especially if you have been in business for a while. (All lending requires at least 6 months business history.) Other requirements include government issued identification of owners, a lease or mortgage document, 3 months of bank statements, and tax documents.
S.C.O.R.E. provides mentoring, workshops, business templates and more for small businesses in El Paso.