Gift Card

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gift card and reward card

Gift Card Program from Higher Standards Unlimited

A gift card is the best way to say Happy Birthday, Thank You, Happy Holidays, and more. It doesn’t cost must to ship, so you can give a nicer present. It is easy to carry, and fits in a greeting card envelope.

Recipients can buy exactly what they want! Friends, family, or co-workers can pool resources to buy a card. Or even buy individual cards to give at a baby or bridal shower that can be used together or at separate shopping events.

In a nut shell:

  • You can buy a gift card quickly and secretly so recipients are surprised
  • People love gift cards
  • You do not have to worry about size, color, or style
  • Restaurant gift cards make great anniversary and retirement presents
  • Any dollar amount can be loaded from existing YOUR COMPANY HERE terminal or POS
  • You don’t spend money on shipping and can give a nicer gift
  • YOUR COMPANY HERE gift cards come in many attractive designs. Customized cards* with any logo available, too.
  • YOUR COMPANY HERE clients get standard designer cards for FREE

How Gift Cards Bring You New Customers

A couple usually spending $35 on a meal will splurge when they have a $50 gift card. Others will visit a new place to use their new card. We all discover new places by a friend’s gift. This is an obvious benefit to the shop or restaurant owner. Another benefit occurs if the card buyer never visited before. Treat those people with helpfulness and friendliness and they will be back. Everyone benefits from a gift card sale. The buyer gets an easy to buy, appreciated gift. The recipient gets a valuable token from which they can choose what they wan to purchase.  You, the merchant, makes a sale and possibly earns new customers. Everyone wins!

Reward Card Program

Loalty cards, rewards cards, gift cardsYOUR COMPANY HERE offers loyalty programs designed to make customers visit and buy more often! Customers using the reward card get discounts, or earn points for free merchandise. (Like a free tote, carwash, or birthday dessert.) Some stores promote private sales or events, and special privileges to card holders. Use of rewards cards is automatically tracked by terminal or POS. Merchants get valuable demographic data in addition to more frequent purchases. You can even offer incentives for buying a gift card!

58% of customers holding reward or loyalty cards return to that place of business at least once every month. Contact YOUR COMPANY HERE at (CLICK TO CALL TO BUY THIS WEBSITE) to learn how a loyalty program can help the business you own. Learn about this new stream of income today!


*Minimum quantity and additional cost may apply.